“Ignite or die”

That’s a phrase I’ve used for a decade. I either find my spark and get to work – or I fade into nothing. But I found that just being busy and successful wasn’t enough. I was going through my routine, but finding no joy. Sure I had spark – but no fire.

I used to chase income over impact. But no amount of money made me happy, and so I switched the narrative: I found the IMPACT I wanted to have and the income followed. It was that simple.

Being “rich” goes way beyond money: it’s about being happy waking up each day. It’s about feeling like you’re making a difference in the world. It’s about MATTERING to others – and to yourself.

As you dig into this site, I hope you see evidence of my transformation, and find opportunities to discover YOUR true purpose, too. We will help you lift your eyes a little higher, see a little further – and capture the life you want.

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“Rebecca is the real deal. If I were to go live in a monastery for a year or something and left my entire business in her hands, I'd come back to a company that was making more money than when I left. ”
Frank Kern

“With Rebecca’s patience, mentorship and guidance I KNOW I can count on myself. I am excited to get up and get working on my business every single morning! I am laser-focussed on my goals and what I need to do to get there. Thank you Rebecca and your team for giving me back the reigns to my life both personally and professionally!”
James C.

How we help you ignite the fire within

The Profitable Millionaires Club

Whether you want to make a million dollars, impact a million people or buy back a million dollars, following my proprietary model and process guarantees that you’ll get there. Focusing on profitability, sustainability and joy above all, this program is designed to help those who have already begin their business journey to continue with aligned beliefs, decisive action and high performance habits!

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High Performance Coaching

High performance coaching is for anyone that wants more – more time to do what they love, be with who they want, and make enough money to do it all!

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Hire Rebecca to Speak

Want Rebecca to speak at your event? Her energetic delivery and determination to ensure everyone walks away with usable, actionable strategies will ensure your audience is entertained, educated and inspired.

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No matter where we are in life, we all have personal goals: to be a better person, to learn a new skill, to get somewhere in life.

And often, we have professional ones, too. Wealth creation. Leadership. High performance. Success.

How we get there is never a straight path, but my job is to straighten it out as much as possible.

Through a combination of personal development, business coaching and dream-weaving, my team helps clients live happier, richer and more fulfilled lives.

We believe that a life without meaning and direction lacks the spark needed to truly feel rewarded every day for what we do.

For some clients, it’s smoothing the income stream, so they get predictable, consistent results.

For others, it’s finding purpose in their work, and connecting them with the results they get with their clients so they’re proud of the work they do and get fair compensation for it, too!

High performance comes down to establishing the habits that break through the clutter of our lives and our minds and put us on the path to success, fulfillment and a happiness most people only dream of.

So take your time while perusing this site. You’ll find information about everything we do – from all types of marketing help we provide (video marketing, social media marketing and more!) to the deep-dive high performance coaching programs that set our clients on the stratospheric path to success.

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Think Again: Order Your Copy Today!

My story is a weird one. I grew up in an isolated environment – no TV, no parties, no makeup or jewellery, no friends at school, or work…I lived in the “real” world, but could not be a part of it. In my early 30s, I just couldn’t do it anymore, and walked away from everything. Starting over was tough, but I worked my ass off, thinking that business success would fill the void.

It didn’t.

Think Again is my story of changing my inner story from “victim” or “survivor” to someone with a powerful message, and an opportunity to share and teach the strategies I used to overcome thoughts that stopped me from achieving TRUE riches – in wealth, health and happiness.

It’s not just a book to make you feel good. It will do that – and then show you how YOU can take aligned actions to create the life you want and deserve.

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