6 Ways to Provide Customer Service Through Social Media

Social media can be a strong customer service and relationship tool, and has the power to either skyrocket or damage your brand.

If you have the wrong team managing your social media accounts, or fail to recognize your customers’ complaints on social media, it could drive your business and sales right into the ground.

With the right team and strategy, however, you can use social media to provide excellent customer service. It’s a path to increase traffic to your business and solidify brand loyalty.

Here are 6 ways to provide customer service through social media.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

If you want to provide great customer service, you need to be where your customers are. Choose the social media platform(s) that make the most sense for your business and client base.

By going where your customers are, you can go above and beyond with your customer service and make sure you’re constantly checking up on any questions or concerns put out by your customers through the platform(s).

Send Out Regular Updates

Your customers will appreciate regular communication and updates from your company on social media, especially if there are changes happening with your brand.

And if you’re making changes based on their feedback, they’ll be even happier.

When your customers are left out of the loop, they feel like they’re not a part of your decisions. This can be extremely harmful to your company image. You can even try creating a hashtag like #ThursdayReccomendations to constantly check to see how your company can improve based on customer feedback.

Searching Twitter Hashtags

Twitter hashtags make it easy for you to find out what your customers are saying about your brand on social media. You can search for your company name and keywords associated with your brand to stay up to date on customer service issues. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently make any necessary changes to keep your customers happy.

Quick Response Times

Everything on social media happens quickly, which allows you to rectify a customer service issue seamlessly, if you’re on top of things. Customers don’t want to wait to be assisted and they love companies that try to resolve their issues in a timely manner. When you respond to your clients’ questions or complaints promptly, you can strengthen your company name and prove that customer service is a top priority.

Create a Dedicated Customer Service Page

If you have the resources, consider creating a separate social media page for your company that deals only with customer service. This way, you can have someone interacting with your customers consistently throughout the day. Your customers know they have a clear direction for getting in touch with your business about customer service issues, and you can keep your primary profile focused on positive engagements and promotions. It’s a win, win!

Show Customer Appreciation

Do you sell a product or service that people love to post about on social media? Whether it’s a photo of them in your latest gear, or a picture of them using your new app, make sure you respond to their tweet, repost their Instagram photo or share their Facebook post. This shows them you appreciate their business, and also heightens your brand awareness.


Taking care of your clients through ANY channel is key, and you’ll see social media taking a much bigger role in the coming years. Are you ready?

Written by Kate, who is Rebecca’s master blogger extraordinaire!