Commitment or Cowardice?

Lately, a lot of my clients have brought up a similar topic: their inability to either achieve consistent results or to get things done. With these clients I noticed that they’ll have a system or a goal, but after a while that attempt at consistency falls off.

Commitment and cowardice show up in your calendar. All I need to do is look at my own dayplanner and look for my next big project. Personally, my big project is my book or my website. I commit to doing this work, specific hours on specific days and so on and so forth.

And because I do that, being able to stay committed to it is actually really, really easy. The problem happens when I don’t put things in my calendar. It doesn’t matter if something is in my head. If it’s in my head, that’s where it will live – it won’t get done. It’s easy to get distracted in your head, it’s far too easy to prioritize a goal if it only lives in your head.

Remember the phrase ‘commitment or cowardice appears in your calendar’. I want you to go look at your calendar right now and look for your biggest project in there. Have you set time aside to get that thing done? If you haven’t, chances are it’s not going to move along as quickly as you want it to.

All of those extremely successful people you look up to – all of those millionaires and billionaires – they don’t work harder than you do, they just work smarter. They’re not more skilled or more experienced than you. They might not even have more education than you. They’re quite possibly, just more disciplined.

In order to ensure that my dreams show up on my calendar and then show up in real life, I use a combination of systems. I use my online calendar because people can book time with me online.

I make sure that at the beginning of my day I go through and I adjust whatever is in my day planner based on what’s in my online calendar. But I am also not afraid to put time blocks in my online calendar to ensure that my work projects get done. If I only see clients, I’m not achieving my goals.

I have accomplished so much more than I’ve ever done in the past because of this system I learned. Hopefully, if you’ve taken anything from this, it’s that success is nothing more than being truly committed to your path and doing the activities that are going to get you there consistently and frequently, every single day. Success isn’t the perfect website. Success isn’t being a perfect parent.

If you want to get more from your business or life (or both!) then you should wander over to my High Performance page.

Showing up as your BEST self isn’t always the easiest to map out and then actually do, but there’s a method to that madness and I can show you how.

Have a super successful day!