Get Better at Literally Anything

My husband and I were having a really cool conversation this morning about getting better at things. I play baseball in a beer league every summer. While I absolutely love it, I’m not terribly good. My husband suggested that I videotape someone with perfect form and try to emulate that as much as possible. This way, the next time I step up to the plate, I’m not worried about what I did wrong the last time, I can focus on what I could be doing.

I loved this idea so much that we decided to take it to the next level. I am trying to apply this methodology in other parts of my life. Generally speaking, I have a terrible memory, which I am trying to improve. One of the ways that I improve it is by reinforcing messages to myself on a regular basis that I’m trying to make better.

If I spend every day – just a couple of minutes every day – watching a video of someone doing something absolutely perfectly, I’m feeding that information to my brain so that when I step up to the plate, I barely have to think about what I should be doing. My brain actually tells my body what to do. If you can find a video, a book, even a quote that you can follow on a regular basis that really emulates the perfect version of what you’re trying to do you will start becoming what you absorb.

To say that you can just become better by working hard is foolhardy. It doesn’t work. I know this as a high performance coach. Hard work is an element, but it’s not going to get you all the way if you want a different reality. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before, that “you have to back it up before hard work”. There are extra steps. There’s changing your belief system, which comes only by changing the way that you think and the information you feed your brain. A belief system is simply thoughts thought often enough to change what you believe. We only act on our beliefs. We cannot act in any other way.

If you are out there, struggling with something, wanting to get better at something, I strongly urge you to find a person or place of inspiration that really speaks to you.  The only way I’m going to get good at something is if I’m feeding my brain regular content of what the perfect version of whatever I’m trying to be looks like. I hope you have a fantastic day and I hope you find this helpful. Be awesome because whatever it is that you want, whatever you want to be good at, it’s just a matter of feeding the right kind of information to your brain so that you can adjust your belief system and you will act accordingly.