Think Again – a book about my journey from a highly restrictive religious group to my ultimate freedom – comes out Spring 2019! You can get a FREE copy just by clicking below.

After I left the group, I spent 10 years casting about for my purpose. I was successful, remarried to a wonderful man, built a team I love and adore…and yet I felt there was something holding me back from my TRUE potential. It felt like a black cloud on my heart.

But late in 2018, that all changed. In the blink of an eye, my world turned upside down – for the better. I realized that I’d been dragging my past, my hardships and trauma, with me. THAT was my black cloud.

I realized that over the past decade I’ve learned so many valuable lessons – on how to eradicate fears that kept me inside my house for days, that made me sick with worry – and replace these fears with fearlessness.

Now I want to share this with the world so that everyone can have an “epiphany town” like I did. To wake up happy every day. To be as rich as they want.

And it all starts in your head, and your willingness to Think Again.

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