Think Again – My SEVEN-Stage Journey from Self-Sabotage to Success!

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How long have you been chasing happiness and success, only to have it move away from you at the same velocity?

I called that “my black cloud”; that feeling that I should be happy, even after freeing myself from an isolating and fundamentalist church (think Amish – but with cars), leaving a sad marriage, starting my own successful business and finding true love... and yet I was miserable. I felt I should be “more” – whatever that meant!

I tried to escape my past, with all its fear, rejection and judgement. Turns out it was like attaching a ribbon to a cat – no matter how fast I ran, where I hid, or new happiness I created around me, that black cloud was always there.

In Think Again, I show you what it took for me to realize that I was constantly being re-triggered by my past, and how this was the only thing keeping me from the brain-exploding success I craved. Every time I retold my story, I relived it, and re-anchored it as my current identity. That had to stop or I’d be stuck being frustrated forever.

Thus began my 7-stage journey to rid myself of the ties that bound me. I finally found that deep, solid inner contentment that I was enough, but even more so, that I had an opportunity to teach people who may also appear to be successful on the outside, but are miserable and frustrated on the inside.

Think Again challenges you to rethink your situation, reframe your relationship with your past, and to put it behind you once and for all.

By the time you’re done reading Think Again, you’ll be able to:
- Create a new relationship with difficult situations from your past (or present)
- Stop the drama in your head about what others may or may not think or say of you. Most often, it’s not true. But the drama you imagine makes it feel real.
- Discover paths to getting rid of toxic people
- Get the blueprint for a plan to move you to the life you really want
- Tips on how to re-think your business or career so you can wake up every Monday actually wanting to go to work!
- Create a distraction-free world so you get the most out of every minute of every day, finding joy even in the hardest of times.

If you’ve ever felt that you weren’t good enough, or smart enough, or deserving of true success and happiness – you’re about to think again and find that you’ve had what it takes all along. It’s just been covered by your own “black cloud.”

So come with me on my journey – and clear your skies once and for all.

And it all starts in your head, and your willingness to Think Again.

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