Get Shit Done

I’ve been asked many times whether my coaching program “works” and the answer to that is not so simple. It DOES work – when people GET SHIT DONE!
Nothing will work if you don’t DO the work. No sales are made sitting on your couch. No relationships are built by waiting for the phone to ring. Sure, we’re all busy, but that becomes our excuse. We blame “the system” that we were taught as “not working”, when really, it’s US not working!
1.5 years ago I got a VERY expensive coach. I knew I had to change, but I needed help. It cost $35,000 for a year. Wow. But I asked her, if I work SUPER hard, can I pay that back? She assured me yes, and so off I went. I paid it back in 3 months, and have doubled my business with what she taught me, AND I’m not even close to being done. I’ll be a 7-figure business by next year.

But if I’d just sat there and been “too busy”, that money would have been wasted and my business would likely have folded.
So what’s your “too busy” excuse? Got kids? I have 4. Lots of housework? Hire someone, or do it more efficiently. Have a full-time job that gets in the way of starting your own gig? Quit. You won’t regret it.
Guys, excuses are the death-knell of productivity. Don’t kill yours.

Get Shit Done.