Get Unstuck to Get the Life You Want

I wanted to share a little story with you about something I’ve come across that I think would be really helpful for your business.

I had a call earlier with a prospective client; they wanted to tell me all in one breath what their business was, what their challenges were and how they needed help. I immediately stopped them. Instead, I asked them some questions, such as, “What are you trying to do? What is your ultimate outcome? Do you want to build a brand?”

When you can slow down and figure out what it is ultimately that you’re trying to accomplish, you will be much more precise in the achievement of your goals. Not only that, but you can get your goals achieved faster than you anticipated! When you slow down, you don’t give yourself room to second guess yourself or get distracted by things that aren’t your main issues.

The first step in getting unstuck is to actually have an outcome that you’re looking for – what do you really want from life? What’s important to you?

The second piece is to attach some sort of emotional piece to that. Why is it important to you to have that particular outcome? If you’re looking for a great worksheet, I recommend  You’ll be surprised, but most people really don’t know what’s important to them.  They don’t know the outcome they’re searching for.

I have found that some people have a specific goal, but they will not have an underlying psychological reason why the goal is propelling them – which means they’ll never end up achieving it.

People who are stuck don’t realize their problem isn’t because they’re not smart enough, it’s not that they’re not driven enough, it’s simply that they don’t show up enough. And if you can solve the not showing up enough problem in your life by identifying an outcome and then emotionally tying it to the outcome, then you’ll be able to do whatever you dream of.

The goals don’t have to be monetary, they don’t have to be material to be important. And that’s a really important thing to remember. Some people think their goals aren’t important because it’s not a monetary goal.  Look at what is important to you.

Look at the impact you’re trying to have. Do you need to outsource it? Do you need coaching to get that? If you need coaching for any stuff like that, I invite you to a free strategy call with me any point in time and go to my programs page. But if you’re specifically looking to help your business, go to my high performance coaching page, check out the information and just book a call with me. It’s absolutely free. I am here to help in any way you think is meaningful to you and your business.