How To Get More Opportunities

Do you have any idea how many opportunities you’re missing right now?

There’s a lot of people who come to me and they lament that they’re not getting any opportunities. One of the real big reasons why we don’t see them is because we actually limit our beliefs so much that our brain doesn’t look for them.

If you continuously tell yourself that there’s nothing in there for me, then that is exactly what you will find. You are programming yourself for failure. I always thought I could never work out in the morning. I just had it in my head that I wasn’t a morning person. One day I decided to try it out just to verify my theory and turns out the people at the gym in the morning are really nice! Not only are they nice, but I’m making some great opportunities and connections.

Another great example is my husband. He was attending a business acquisition conference and was looking to grow his own business. While at the conference, I text him, “Hey, do you see your $50 million anywhere in the room?” He replies that he’s scouting around looking for people with grey hair as those are people who usually sell their businesses as they retire. I paused for a moment and said, “Why are you limiting yourself? Your next $50 million could be that guy over there with the black hair or that lady over there with the blonde hair. And maybe they just have grown their businesses and they don’t love to do it anymore, right? And they want to move their way out.” By limiting his perspective to only a very small subset because he assumed that the other ones would not be interested, his opportunities were restricted.

This is why we don’t see opportunities, because we blind ourselves by our wild assumptions that some reason or another is going to stop us from being able to get the opportunities out there. So if you’re not seeing opportunities in your life, if you’re not connecting in the right relationships, if you’re feeling really disconnected and lost, ask yourself, have you got your own self-limiting beliefs?

So open your minds, think of the possibilities. Think of possibilities, even though you don’t believe in the possibilities, that’s where we start. When we’re trying to change our lives, we’re trying to change our beliefs.  And when you think about something enough, you will come to believe it. And when you believe it, your brain now actively tries to make those beliefs come to fruition. Your brain will start seeing opportunities that previously would’ve been right in front of you, but completely invisible.

If you really want to grow, whether as a person, or into a better relationship or into a better business – limiting beliefs are going to be the number one killer to your growth.

Believe in your opportunities and share this with anyone who you think might be on the same path as you. We all could use the boost to open our hearts and minds to better opportunities.

I have become so committed to this practice that I’ve been certified as a High Performance Coach and live every day to free everyone from the binds of limitations from within. Want to know more? Go here.