Learn. Commit. Do.

Today, I want to share with you something that a client shared with me, “learn, commit, do”. Is there something you need to learn in order to be proficient at a skill or to advance yourself in your business or just have better relationships with people? Once you have decided what it is you want to do, then ask yourself, “how am I going to commit to this?”

Brendon Burchard says that commitment shows up in the calendar. One of the things that I do is I really try to make this a daily part of what I do. So, if I’m going to learn something and I’m going to commit to something, then I have to make it show up somewhere to prove my commitment. My proof of commitment is putting it in my daily planner. My other proof of commitment is at the beginning of every week. Sunday night I go through all the different things that I need to do this week and I plan it out. For example, if you have a big project and you want to make sure it gets done, it needs to take up about 50% of your calendar.

I want you to look in your calendar right now and determine what are your big projects and how is that appearing as commitment in your calendar? Once you have these two crucial steps down you can finally put your goals into action: “do”. In those time slots that you’ve put into your calendar, do the work that you’ve set aside for yourself.

Goals do not need to be monetary. Some people struggle with defining goals for that very reason. But at the end of the day, a goal is something that you want to move towards. It could be wanting to spend more time with family, or to take an extra week’s worth of vacation. Find something that you want to move towards and commit to it. Put it in your calendar, plan your life around it and do it!

The doing part is tricky because it’s easy to do it maybe once, maybe twice, but it’s hard to really stick to it. But if you can recommit yourself every single day, then you can ensure that your goals come to fruition. You’ll see that in time, your doing will give you the necessary momentum to keep going even when it gets tough. You will feel that slowly you are getting somewhere. A lot of people struggle with feeling that they’re going nowhere and often it is because they’re missing one of the three words in “learn, commit, do”. Maybe they know what they need to learn, but they can’t commit to it. Or rather, won’t commit to it… But once you figure out what you need to commit to, just do it! Just kick your goal’s butt!

Sometimes it’s good to have a buddy who is also on the “learn, commit, do” train. Hearing it, teaching it, reinforcing it to other people can create a really positive atmosphere. It’s made me realize how grateful I am that I learned this mantra. I have ADD, and with ADD it isn’t always easy to get stuff done. But now because I have this whole process, I find it a lot easier. I hope you have awesome projects to “learn, commit, do” and help you move forward. Have a fantastic day.