Moving Your Biz to the Next Level

I want to talk to you about skill building. In the past, a lot of people have come to me for everything related to social media and digital marketing. And for a while I did it for them, but there’s a reason that I stopped doing a lot of that social media marketing on behalf of people. The reason is that digital marketing is not as hard as you may think it is. I believe that if there is a skill that you need for your business to move it forward, to be more profitable, to build your brand, then it behooves you to understand how to do it yourself. That’s why I created my social media mastery course, which teaches you how to be the best at Facebook, Twitter and all the rest. If you do choose to sign up for my course, know that you will get forever access to the materials – and those materials will be updated forever, too!

For a lot of people, I just felt like I was taking their money when they could be doing the same things for themselves much more efficiently. People think digital marketing is complicated, they’re frightened by the algorithms and timing and whatnot – but really, all digital marketing boils down to is identifying the skills you need to move your business forward and building off that. If social media is one of the things you need to master in order to move your business forward, then you yourself need to learn how to be proficient at it.

If I want to be a speaker, I have to go put myself on stage. If I want to learn how to do video marketing like this, I have to shoot videos. Yes, I did research, watched videos and took courses – but I became proficient in it because it’s part of what built my brands. When you’re looking at your business, ask yourself, what are the skills that I need to develop? What is going to actually help me to move my business forward? Yes, you can outsource it – but you should only be outsourcing what is not directly relating to building your brand. I outsource all of my finance stuff, my accounting, but never my digital marketing.

It’s important to understand that when you try to do everything yourself, you are taking away opportunities to build your brand and your business. Only you can do that better than anybody else – this is something you should never outsource. You should only outsource what prevents you from building your brand.


It’s very easy to get stuck in between procrastination and perfectionism. And, unfortunately, they can both result in inaction. Don’t be perfect, just do. Remember that even if you shoot a video and it’s not perfect, you still did it. The next one you do is going to be better. And the one after that, and the one after that.

I wasn’t good at shooting videos at first. The first time I did them I sucked or I had massive anxiety attacks, but the more I did, the less afraid I became. The less afraid I became, the better I was at communicating effectively to my audience and I was able to make a significant impact on their lives. So when it comes to building your business, if you are looking to get unstuck, to have a helping hand with reaching your highest potential I do high performance coaching for people who are looking to get to that next level.

The most interesting thing that my clients learn in my high performance coaching course is that a lot of the time what they think are digital marketing issues in their business are actually not. Their real issues derive from the high performance elements of their business, like how productive they are, how clear they are on what it is they’re doing, what’s important to them and the influence they’re having on other people. If you can’t influence your team to do something, if you can’t influence your customers to say yes to you, your business won’t work. In my high performance coaching course we dig deep and see what issues actually derive from digital marketing, and which go deeper than that. Some skills need to be developed and strengthened in order for your business to grow.

If videos are something you need to do to build your brand, just do it. It’s not going to be perfect. And that’s okay. The longer you wait, the harder it is. It doesn’t get easier by waiting, it gets harder.


Hopefully you found this helpful. Again, go grab yourself my social media mastery program that’s available for only $297 CDN. Practice it over the summer. Get really good at it because by the end of this year and definitely into next year, video marketing is going to be the absolute most important way for you to market your business. So, it behooves you to get going and to get strong at your business. Take care and have a fantastic day.