High Performance Coaching

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Top performers got that way with the right habits - not by luck.


We are all facing an increasingly disrupted world - competition is heating up, attention spans are shortening, and distractions are everywhere.

How do you compete?

How do you get the life you want without working 90 hours a week?

The higher performing business owners and career professionals consistently live by success habits that keeps their stamina at peak levels, seek and take action on opportunities that don’t appear to their competitors, and focus on constantly improving their business, careers and personal lives.

In a world where there is no security of any kind, high performers find predictable incomes, promotions and loyal, long-lasting customers.

As one of only a few hundred Certified High Performance coaches worldwide, I co-create the future that my clients want, removing mindset and strategic obstacles from their path so that they no longer have to sift through so many mediocre results when searching for “leadership coaches near me” online!

Welcome to the world of Top Performance Coaching!

What is a Certified High Performance Coach?

Certified High Performance Coaching is a science-backed methodology that creates long-term, sustainable success based on consistently practicing the 6 Pillars of High Performance. Sounds fancy, but it's brilliant.

Here's what a professional leadership development coach does NOT provide:

  • It's NOT just accountability coaching, where we check in each week, ask you what you did, what you'll do next and hang up the phone.
  • It's NOT the "Tony Robbins-like" rah-rah motivational stuff. It's motivating for sure, but more because you're getting results - not because I'm building you up (which usually only lasts a short while anyway)
  • It's NOT someone else's nifty idea that made them rich...but which you'll have to figure out how to shoe-horn into your business or life. Very seldom do things like that translate perfectly. Actually, never.

The Research:

The Certified High Performance Coaching Program is based on the world's largest behavioral study on what creates and sustains success in the long run. It used input from over 1,000,000 assessments, 300,000 organizational employees, 1,600,000 online students, 2,000,000 email subscribers, 10,000,000 Facebook followers and 100 million videos views/comments... generating over 175,000 unique complete responses.

From this data, a the High Performance Institute determined the 6 key habits that, when practiced every day, can significantly impact things like:

  • Income
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction with life
  • Relationships
  • And more.

If you're a super geek like me, you can read the full study HERE.

The study determined the 6 high performance variables that help people achieve life-long success are:

  • Seek Clarity
  • Generate Energy
  • Raise Necessity
  • Increase Productivity
  • Develop Influence
  • Demonstrate Courage

Interestingly, many people who have never experienced a leadership development coach tend cut themselves off from succeeding in life and business because they believe it is out of their reach. But this same research study concluded that High Performance is NOT strongly correlated with:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Strengths
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Years of experience
  • Compensation

Well, so much for your excuses!

To dive into a call with me, click here, answer a few questions, and find out exactly where you're at - and the steps required to take you all the way to the life you've always wanted. Stop searching for “leadership coaching near me” online and contact us today to get started with Rebecca Mountain, your Certified High Performance Coach!

Who it's for:

Certified High Performance Coaching is ideal for anyone who wants to improve any of the following:

  • Better time management & productivity so they can actually take a vacation or spend more time with their family
  • Increase their influence to close more clients and be more effective in meetings and presentations
  • Recession-proof their business – even if the markets turn, they retain their clients and weather the storm
  • Rank higher within their organizations or industries
  • Become better at anticipating client needs
  • Build productive, profitable teams and lead with authority
  • Putting together clever deals to acquire new business as an accelerated growth strategy

It takes a team...

Great things happen in teams, and it's no different in this business!

My team of Certified High Performance Coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and backgrounds, which makes us uniquely qualified (and talented!).

My team of specialists focus on two types of high performance clients:

  1. Corporations, or teams within corporations
  2. Individual executives, business owners and entrepreneurs

For more information on High Performance Coaching for Teams, click here. 

How it works.

First, let me explain what it is NOT:

  1. This is not an "accountability" call where you check in, tell us what you're doing, we give you a pat on the back and then forget about you for another week.
  2. This is not someone else's "system" that we try to shoe-horn into your business or life. What works for one person or business won't work for everyone. We get that and so the 12-week journey is all about our clients, how they learn, grow and perform at their highest level possible.

Our clients spend the first 12 one-hour sessions working through the 6 pillars of High Performance, identifying gaps and celebrating wins at every turn.

In most cases, we are able to bring goals forward faster than our clients thought possible. Like Dan, who instead of waiting 10 years to buy a book of business, had to wait only 4 months before the future he wanted became his reality.

Or Chip, who had a sales funnel that was stuck solid – no one was buying! In less than 3 months, he’d unlocked $15M in new business, rocketing him back into the top tiers of his industry.

While the initial part of the program is 12 weeks, clients can re-enroll as often as they want, each time focusing on yet another aspect of their life or business that will accelerate their ability to get everything they've ever wanted both from their lives - and more.

The sessions include notes from their Certified High Performance Coach emailed to the client following the completion of each session, plus challenges, worksheets, links and more. Whatever the client needs to succeed, their skilled and passionate high performance life coach will ensure they’ve got them in their arsenal!

We will ask tough questions. It will be uncomfortable.

Clients all have to be willing to do some work – thinking, writing, strategizing and coming up with new ways to think about their work, their world and their place in it.

We're their high performance coaching guide – kind of like a Performance Sherpa. We'll help them carry the load they’ll still have to make the climb.

Together, we co-create the world they want so they can wake up each day excited about what’s ahead.

No more Monday blues. Just blue skies.



Your Certified High Performance Coaching journey SHOULDN'T end after 12 weeks! You can keep it going.

The first 12 weeks focus on your ONE main thing that will get your business to the next level. But in those 12 weeks of the ultimate top performance coaching, we're likely going to solve for it!

But every career and business has more than just ONE opportunity - so we simply move onto the next one and tackle that with the same energy and passion as the first challenge! And then it’s onto the next!

We can repeat this process endlessly and our certified high performance coaching strategies teach you that each step brings you closer and closer to the nirvana you desire.



Bonuses are like birthday presents all year long.

With the 1:1 High Performance Coaching program, my clients also get the following:


Life on Fire program:

Once they’re done the 12 1:1 sessions with their leadership development coach, they’ll automatically get lifetime access to the Life on Fire program. Here, they’ll get extra online training on everything from mindset, sales, marketing, and more to give them new ideas on how to make their business, career and family life flourish. It comes with a private Facebook group and weekly calls from a high performance life coach to keep them on track, accountable and to celebrate their wins.

Value: $750


Social Media Online Training:

One of the biggest challenges in business today is knowing how to use social media as a successful, profitable tool. The Social Media Mastery online training program, generated by our skilled top performance coaching experts, includes everything from Facebook content, generating leads, video marketing strategies, Instagram training and referral marketing. It’s jam-packed with awesomeness! For more information, click here.

Value: $297


Extra Value-Adds

All of my one-on-one clients get free copies of the High Performance Planner to assist in becoming the most productive and efficient versions of themselves. Also, if, in our discussions, there's a book that I believe will truly help you, I'll send it to you. And this goes for anything ELSE I can think of that will ensure that, whatever the goal, you can reach it. Nothing will stand in your way!

Value: $100-$350


Ready to get started?

To begin, my clients simply fill in this questionnaire so I can get a sense of where they’re at, what’s important to them, and perhaps a window into where they may be stuck. If they qualify, I’ll send them an email to set up an appointment for a FREE 1:1 High Performance Coaching call!

This gives them a sense of what the program will be like, so they basically get to test-drive my leadership development coach skills it before making their investment.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible live richer, more fulfilled lives – and every client’s life journey with top performance coaching starts here.

- Rebecca


EXTRA Information

If you’re someone who skips to the end, and wants ALL the information, well, here you go!

Session 1:

Your Certified High Performance Coach will look at where you are currently in a few key areas, what you are currently focused on, what level of control you feel right now in your life. There may be some habits that you have that are already supporting you or pulling you away from performing at your highest level.

Session 2:

Our goal as the ideal leadership development coach here is to understand where you have strengths and gaps in the amount of clarity you have in your life right now. Who are you showing up as every day? What are you working towards and how you are going to get there? What principles and practices can support you in progressing and performing at your best every day? 

Session 3:

In this top performance coaching session we will aim to understand how much energy you have each day and how to amplify it to higher levels so that you have the vibrancy and stamina needed to achieve your goals and live a fully charged life.

Session 4:

Our goal in this session is to discuss where you feel you’ve been confident and courageous in life, and where you might be holding back or backing down in some situations.

Session 5:

In this session we will see how productive and effective you feel in life and work, and I will give you a set of tools and concepts to help you quickly and easily improve those areas.

Session 6:

Our goal in this session is to gauge how influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career, and to give you a few tools and concepts that will raise your level of action and influence. As a Certified High Performance Coach, I know that Influence is everything!

Session 7:

At this half way point in the Certified High Performance Coaching program we now start to go deeper into the six pillars of high performance: your psychology, physiology, persuasive skills, presence, and purpose. Your certified high performance coach’s goal in this session is to understand the success mindset in you.

Session 8:

In this session we will check in on your energy and physiology work from Session 3 and build on it with some more high performance coaching tools in activating your physiology in a way that will make you feel stronger and more vibrant.

Session 9:

Our goal in this session is to review how productive you have been over the past few weeks so we can look at ways you can become even more effective towards your goals. New top performance coaching tactics and ideas will be shared and discussed by your Certified High Performance Coach.

Session 10:

In this session we will gauge how persuasive and influential you’ve felt in your relationships and career, and I will give you some tools that will raise your level of effectiveness in these areas.

Session 11:

At this point in the course you should have been moving towards your goals. We will look at how effectively you have been in reaching your goals and living and leading purposefully and effectively.

Session 12:

In this final session your certified high performance coach will check in on your performance and define your best areas for commitment and discipline moving forward. This process is a commitment every day of your life that results in heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential.