Hire Rebecca to Speak

Want Rebecca to speak at your next engagement, conference, mastermind or anywhere that cool people hang out to learn and grow?

Every year, she comes up with a new set of presentations, so please inquire as to the latest and greatest - most impactful and action-oriented - presentations!

Her latest include:

  • Power Productivity: How to get more done, in less time, with greater joy
  • From Great to GOAT: How to unleash the "Greatest Of All Time" within!
  • CTL + ALT + DEL: How to take control of your life, alter your habits to get more from your day, and delete what distracts you

She can also whip together something just for you and your amazing group.

She’s affable, funny, and delivers the message in a way that people remember. It’s her job to know how people retain information, and how they connect emotionally AND logically with the message.

To get started, just email her at and be as specific as you can regarding dates, times, duration of the talk, etc.