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Every year, she comes up with a new set of presentations, so please inquire as to the latest and greatest - most impactful and action-oriented - presentations!

Her latest keynote presentation, featuring her book "The Dragon and the GOAT" garnered standing ovations. If you're looking for a high-impact, story-based keynote presentation that also includes actionable strategies to shrink anxiety and fear, and step into your Greatest of All Time life - this is the presentation for your next event!

Keynote: The Dragon and the GOAT: The one that wins is the one you feed.

In researching the question ”Why don’t people do the work they know they should be doing?” a startling answer presented itself: There are two forces at war within us, creating confusion and inconsistency. One force holds us back, keeping us safe and conforming to what is acceptable. But we also want to celebrate our uniqueness and joy-filled desire to live and work on our own terms. In our confusion, we stall out, leading to under-performance, misery and a lack of fulfillment.

In this inspiring session, based on Rebecca’s best-selling book of the same name, audience members will walk down a 5-step GOAT Path®, leading them to clarity on exactly how to change their reality to one of wealth, fulfillment and happiness. Coupled with solid strategies they can implement that day, and examples and stories to hit the points home, your audience will feel more than motivated – they’ll start living their lives differently.


Keynote: Beyond Selling: Converting Your Business Into a Sellable Asset

If you run a business, but never capture your intellectual property and capital, it's impossible to exit at a profit or create educational assets that smooth income and deliver more value to your clients, audience and industry. But what if there was a way to capture all of that - AND make a tidy profit?

In this one-hour talk, Rebecca will show you how to:

  • Capture your genius, how you do things so well, and turn it into something you can monetize!
  • Ideal for rooms full of top performers who want to either create a solid, profitable exit plan AND/OR..
  • ...Package, price and sell the knowledge, processes, strategies and mindsets that have made them so successful
  • Using models, lifestyle design and high performance strategies, this talk walks the audience through the process of creating a sellable asset from start to finish

Additional Breakout Presentations include:

  • Power Productivity: How to get more done, in less time, with greater joy
  • CTL + ALT + DEL: How to take control of your life, alter your habits to get more from your day, and delete what distracts you

She’s affable, funny, and delivers the message in a way that people remember. It’s her job to know how people retain information, and how they connect emotionally AND logically with the message.

To get started, just email her at and be as specific as you can regarding dates, times, duration of the talk, etc.

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