Setting Goals You Can Control

I’ve got something to tell you about goal setting: there’s two ways you can go about it. You can set money goals or you can set activity goals. In the past I have really concentrated on the money side, which you would think would be fine. But when you don’t consistently meet your money goals you can really beat yourself up. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to create achievable money goals. But what you can control is what you can do to earn money and ensure that that action is easily repeatable, so it becomes a consistent part of your life to generate money.

What I would rather you focus on is the activities behind generating money rather than the money itself. I plan my life heavily, and this is one of the biggest keys to success. I plan two months in advance regularly because I want to make sure that I have one monthly workshop. I also want to make sure that I do one webinar a week. I am regularly looking to host these myself or cosponsor these events which is why I am always filling them up in my calendar.

I also try to get as many speaking gigs at conferences and offices. The point of what I am trying to tell you is that, at the end of the day you can always control your schedule – even when you cannot control your income as precisely as you’d like. I can control how much time I put into accomplishing these money generating goals because I know that these particular activities will result in business.

All I need to do is remember the things that are going to drive new business for me and do them as often as I possibly can. When you look at the really successful people in the world, they’re helping other people and they’re doing something that matters to them. If you’re wondering how you will get to the same level of success and stay there, you need to identify what makes money for you. Don’t spend your whole life waiting for a promotion when you can go out there and make that money for yourself!

Think about the activities that you can do that will generate the most business for you at the highest profit. Then you just figure out what the activities are that are nascent in that and you do them as consistently and as often as humanly possible. If you’re stuck because you don’t have a lot of business or you are stuck in your career, jot down what it is particularly that is making you feel stuck. Jot down what you can control about your career and focus on pivoting into that direction. Worry only about the things you can control. Everything else will come naturally.

Another amazing tidbit that I learned is that this method not only works for business, but your personal life as well. You want a better relationship? What are the things that you can do that you can control that can make that happen? Let me know in the comments! I hope you have a great day.