Taking Action to Cope with Anxiety

Today, I want to make sure you’re okay. I know anxiety is super high lately for everyone, but one of the things that comes with anxiety is inaction or apathy. I’d love to send you guys this encouraging message of taking action. We can’t control what’s happening right now. We don’t know what’s happening day to day with the economy or even with our businesses. What we need to do is find something that we can control and we can always control our actions.

I’m finding that a lot of people are getting stuck in mental cycles of fear, of anger, of resentment. Political leaders, families, you name it. We’re all trying to get our businesses and our careers through this, right? All in one piece, or at least in a piece that we can recognize. There’s a very real danger in getting stuck by just being mad. Being mad at the things in the world that we can’t control limits your brain’s capacity to think creatively.

I actively fight against any kind of anxiety, any kind of fear, not because I’m trying to suppress it, but because by recognizing and owning it I don’t dwell on it. I allow it to come, but I then allow it to go. By letting it go, you remove the emotional attachment you have. Everyone is full of fear. No one really knows what’s going on. People are acting in a way that is maybe counter to how I know them. But you have to be okay with that. If you can have compassion for people, if you can even have compassion for our political leaders, you can appreciate that this is unchartered territory for everyone.

Right now small businesses are getting hammered and if you are a small business you’ve had to learn quickly that in order to overcome this period you need to operate in a very different way. Take for example, Freshii – the healthy fast food chain. I recently received an email from them saying that instead of going in to buy sandwiches and salads you can now buy groceries through them! They will have a pick-up location, or they can drop it off at your home. Ford and Tesla are rejigging their factories to make ventilators. I’ve switched my whole world into online and I’m looking at doing a virtual book signing. I’m looking at doing virtual summits and I’m taking all the things that I used to do and I’m doing them differently. I’m not letting these new challenges defeat me.

If you’re swirling around in fear, you won’t be able to think differently. You’re not going to be able to think on your feet, and you will make the situation worse for yourself. If you want to book a call with me to talk about what you can do right now, my special little superpower is coming up with creative solutions for people just like you. I am offering this service for free. If you want to talk to me, I’m going to give you a chance to book a half hour call with me.

We can go over what industry you’re in, what you’ve tried before, maybe what you’re trying right now. We’ll come up with some creative solutions, but above all, I want to help you not be consumed by fear. Whenever I feel fear, I try to think of a task that I can do, and I work towards achieving that goal rather than letting my fear get to me. That will be the stuff that keeps my business going.

We’re all going to be affected. There’s no way for any of us to come out unscathed. Again, if want to book a call, by all means please reach out to me. There is no obligation other than just to talk. It’s only a half an hour of your time and you can book at a time that’s most convenient to you. Be safe, be strong, stay home, and let’s get through this together. Take care my friends.