Taking On Too Much

A lot of people will look to other businesses in their industry for inspiration on how to model their business. It is important to consider that what works for others may not work for you or may not help your business naturally grow the way you anticipated.

Some people are naturally good at cold calling, other people hate it. If something doesn’t come naturally for you, you shouldn’t push yourself. Many people think they need to have Facebook ads in order to be successful. Facebook ads will generate names and numbers but in order for those names and numbers to generate into business for you, you need to create a process that separates the hot leads from the warm ones, and the warm ones from the junk ones. This is a long process, but this is the only way to yield results. Straight Facebook ads won’t do that for you.

It can take years before people will actually be able to convert based off Facebook leads. Now are there leads that will convert right away? Yes. But to get those, you’ve got to get thousands of leads in order to find that golden nugget. If you don’t have a big team working on sorting and working through your leads, you could be focusing your time on the wrong things and actually spending money rather than making it. If you don’t have a big team, that’s a massive undertaking and can actually take you away from things that are going to make you money. What worked for me this year to get new clients was to gain exposure. I gained exposure doing webinars, free workshops and other things. If you’d like to learn more about this, please reach out to me!

My model for 2020 is helping myself by helping others first. So for instance, I’m working with banks and mortgage brokers and other real estate agents. I approach them and ask if they’d like me to host a workshop for their clients. Obviously, I’m going to be selling my high performance coaching programs, but I want you to look like the hero of bringing something of high value to your clients.  I love doing workshops, I love meeting new people and it comes naturally to me. Cold calling doesn’t come naturally to me, but I’m always working to get new clients.

I caution you all to not take on too much, to not be distracted by the shiny penny, to not look at what other people are doing. Think about the most natural and easiest way that you currently get new business and say, how can I do more of that? If it’s referrals, there’s a fantastic company out of the US called Client Giant and they go out of their way to make their clients feel so special, remembered and valued. When people feel remembered and valued, they talk about you.

You going and asking for referrals is not how you get more referrals. Wouldn’t it be better if you just got referrals because you made people feel amazing? If you have any questions about this, I’d love to be able to help you if you want to host a workshop and invite your clients to a free high performance workshop. My free workshop shows the anatomy of a top producer: there are six high performance habits that will – if you practice them regularly – guarantee long-term sustained success.

I want to take someone who works 90 hours per week and reduce their hours to 40. Not only that, I want them to get more done in those 40 hours than they did in the 90 hours. With my coaching I will show you how to scale up your business and get you energized to go to work every day. You will chase success and catch it. If you want to do a workshop, please reach out to me.