The 4-Part Equation for Success

One of the things I love to do with my clients is bring their future forward so they achieve wild success WAY before they thought they would. And I do it by teaching a very simple formula and then plugging in the pieces:


Say for instance, you have a five year plan, but if you do it right, that could be actually something that you see come to fruition in like one year or two years.


There’s an exercise I like to put my clients through called My Best Year. If everything worked well for you over the next 12 months, what is your life like? What does that look like in your business life, in your personal life? The important thing is that you need to write down what you envision, otherwise you won’t know what to aim for if it just lives in your head. You’re aiming for something. The path there will meander, but at least you know where you want to end up.


The plan is key: how will you do it? I like to use Brendon Burchard’s 5 Moves Planning method, which is insanely simple. First, decide what projects need to be completed or started in order for your vision to be a reality. Then, write out the 5 “big moves” or tasks that will ensure that the project gets done on time. Your plan should be simple and lined up 10000% with your vision. Any work that deviates from that vision or does not contribute to it simply doesn’t get on your plate.


Aligned actions are simply you working through the 5 Moves of your projects that will make your vision happen. It’s easy to get dragged into the “shiny penny syndrome” – where you think that the newest pretty thing to do needs your full attention…meanwhile your plan is sitting there, collecting dust. Aligned actions are ones that you can clearly see how they will act as building blocks to your final destination.


Distractions are your nemesis. They can be anything: your phone beeping non-stop, the phone ringing off the hook, you wandering aimlessly through social media or the web, wasting hours before you realize the time has evaporated. Do a serious review of your day – what takes you off course? What wastes your time? Then systematically get rid of them, turn them off, change your process – literally do anything to get them gone!

The idea here is to reverse engineer your path from your goal backwards – and then avoid distractions that could take you off course.

Success flees before you at the same velocity at which you chase it, which is what everyone finds so frustrating. However, if you take aligned action, you have a clear vision of what you want and if you avoid distractions the success you want comes TO you – it’s the simple law of attraction, yet few people know how to unlock it.

I can appreciate that what I am saying sounds like a lot of nice words that might not end up in results. But if you’re not succeeding – can you really afford not to try it?

Have a vision of your best year and build a plan. What are the only things that you would need to focus on to ensure you get your best year?

It’s insane to do a thousand things poorly. All you need to do is be confident in the 1-2 things that you will lead you to the life you want – and do them exceptionally well. Put tasks into your planner. Make sure that every day you’re doing something that moves you towards that vision. Then you need to remove distractions.

I mean this in all seriousness: if you apply these tenets you will find your success and you will get your best year. Life can be really cloudy, and sometimes we just want a clear and confident answer. I hope you found this message to be clear and confident. I hope that it steers you in the direction you’ve been yearning to put yourself in. I’d love to know what your best year looks like, so please let me know!

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