The Leap Conundrum

I’ve recently come across a conundrum. Whether it was when I was running my agency, or coaching, I noticed people would not want to start something because, “I don’t want to start it until I can see results. And if I knew that it would generate results, then I’ll do that thing.” The problem is you won’t know if that thing will generate results until you start. And it’s one of the reasons so few people take that leap. It’s why so many people stand on the ledge waiting so long that they never make a decision. And so, because they never make a decision to start something, to make that leap, to trust in themselves, to believe that they’re going to work really hard at something the results they dream of never show. Instead of doing the hard, scary thing, I hear people tell me that they refuse to try something unless there is guaranteed success at the end of the road.

I want to show you what taking leaps can do, because I have taken a whole bunch of leaps. I left a “cultish” religion. I made a decision to file for divorce when the both of us were really unhappy. I started my own business. I started another business. I got into coaching. I got out of coaching, got back into coaching. I’ve tried a thousand different things and what I have learned is that each thing I’ve tried has helped me grow, has helped me off a precipice I didn’t realize I was on.

I was listening to Seth Goden the other day, talking about his alt MBA that he’s been running for several years. He’s said, “It’s about the leap. It’s about closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and trusting that you’ve got this.” The best advice I can give anyone is to understand what you want, to build a plan, to prepare, to be ready, to look down and to go for what you dream of.

When I was with Frank Kern, he said the same thing. You just got to do it. You won’t know if something’s working until you have enough data and you’re not going to get enough data until you’ve tried it for long enough. With every piece of feedback that you get, you feed it into your system. You figure out where you need to adjust your path – what works and what doesn’t.

Another reason why people stand on the precipice is they end up looking around. They’re watching everybody else. They can even go so far as to assume that because something worked for someone else, it has to work for you. Even if what you are trying to mimic is not a skill in your wheelhouse. Everyone has a different set of skills in their life and you need to do what works best for you. You have to take the leap that what is best for you isn’t best for everyone else – but hopefully that will make you stand out.

My next registration is opening next week for my group coaching. If you want to leap but you find that something is holding you back, this is for you. If you want to scale your business, but you’re not sure if you should, this is for you. My coaching sessions are not going to tell you what to do because if your eyes aren’t open, if your brain blind to opportunities, there’s no amount of consulting and no amount of offering of ideas that I can provide that’ll give you the right answer. But what will give you the right answer is you finding the answer within. To do that you just need to have a couple of questions asked of you that have never been asked of you before to unlock that.

So look for the registration soon. If you’re on my mailing list, that’s awesome. If not go to My program launches August the 12th and I hope to see you there.

Take care, and let’s leap together.