Want a consistent and predictable flow of clients?

I want to cover something important that’s been on my mind for a number of weeks. I want to talk about people’s desire for consistent things in life. We all love to have a life that’s predictable, that is assured in some way. There’s no such thing as job security anymore, but still we like to have some sort of predictability to our days and to our lives and especially if you are running your own business. But here’s the problem: in order to get consistent things, we have to be consistent in our actions and that’s where everything falls apart. Whenever people tell me they want to be really successful at social media, I encourage them to post every day. But they gawk at me when I suggest that, because that’s a lot of work to create that kind of meaningful, interactive content. My response is, that’s what it takes to be successful in social media. Consistency!

If you want a consistent, predictable stream of income, then you must do something towards that goal every single day. You can take some time off on the weekends, but every single working day you should always be doing something that is going to take you closer to your goal. Personally, I start off every morning with my daily planner. I ask myself five questions that really helps me to level set, to make sure that everything that I’m doing that day is going to be moving me towards my goal. By writing into my daily planner consistently every day, I’m not worried, I’m not anxious – I sleep like a baby and my time is productive. I put my time blocks into my calendar and I am sacred with that time. Because I am consistent with my daily planner, I have a much more predictable stream of income. Especially as a business owner, I need to make sure that I’m always filling my bucket.

If you are trying to be consistent and you find yourself struggling, it’s likely you are trying to do a thousand little things, instead of one or two things really well. My message for you is to find one or two things you really want to be consistent in and stick to those. It won’t be easy at first, you will fail a few times. Don’t let that failure define you. You are embarking on a learning experience and as long as you keep trying you will succeed. That’s the magic of consistency.

If you want a better relationship, what consistent and habitual things are you putting into your routine to make sure that you’re showing up as your best self? And then what do you want from your partner and how can you exhibit that more habitually as a role model for that person? There’s lots of different ways you can get what you want, but you have to consistently work at it. I hope you found this helpful. If you have a story about consistency, I’d love to hear it! Please feel free to make a comment and get a conversation going.