What is High Performance Coaching?

People know me for my social media and digital marketing, but not many people know me for my high performance coaching – or know what high performance coaching even is. So today, I want to tell you a story that explains exactly what high performance coaching does and how important it is to your life.

Recently, my husband and his friend Chad along with Chad’s son Cole went fishing. At one point Cole casts his fishing rod and he catches my husband right in the ear with the fishing lure. Chad looks at my husband in shock and says “That’s not good”. What Chad doesn’t know is that my husband has a strong physiological reaction to punctures. So as soon as his ear got punctured, he passed out. So imagine this, there’s three guys, two adult men and a 12 year old boy on a boat in the middle of a lake – except one has now passed out. My husband wasn’t passed out for a few seconds, mind you, it was more like five minutes. Chad and Cole don’t know that my husband has this physiological reaction to punctures and poor Cole thinks he’s killed my husband! All of a sudden, something kicks in in Chad and what was once a really chaotic moment became very clear. Chad manages to safely maneuver the boat while propping my husband up. He calls 911 and is trying to calm Cole down.

The doctor at the hospital found the whole situation hilarious – apparently, it’s much more common than you think. She got the hook out quickly and easily and now we have it saved as a wonderful memento of this crazy day. My husband can’t even tell where he was punctured anymore, that’s how little of an effect it had on him in the grand scheme of things.

So, what is high performance coaching and what has it got to do with my husband being maimed by a fishing hook? Well, you see, Chad works at a production plant and he goes through a lot of health and safety stuff. When my husband passed out, Chad knew exactly what he needed to do. Chad knew that he couldn’t just lie my husband down, he had to hold him up just in case he spewed or choked. Chad knew how to explain the situation to me in a way that was calming, and more importantly, he knew exactly the technical language to use when speaking to the paramedics when they arrived at the scene.

Chad was able to react in the amazingly professional way that he did because of his training. He had specific training about exactly what to do in a chaotic situation. High performance coaching is just that – helping people to think rationally and effectively when chaos ensues. Whether you have a crisis with a client or a crisis with your money, if you have the right coaching you can easily navigate these troubled waters.

If high performance coaching is something you’re interested in and want to learn more, please contact me. I want to show you that even though I still do my social media marketing and training, I am also here to give you high performance coaching that fills in the gaps between social media marketing and training. In my profession, I was finding that all the people that I generated leads for couldn’t close them. And it’s not because they were not intelligent or not hard workers, but something else was missing in their lives. High performance coaching allows you to figure out which parts aren’t working, shore in the gaps and get additional skills so that in times of crisis, not only are you prepared, but you can excel.