Why Use Video Marketing?

Lately I’ve had many people come up to me and ask, “Why use video marketing?” And for that question, I have a simple answer that some people love, and others prefer not to hear.

Instagram has added stories, Facebook has done it too – everywhere you look social media platforms are increasing the use of videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web after Google.

“Why use video marketing?” is akin to asking, “Why should I engage with one of the largest user bases on the internet?” You’d be silly not to. But just in case you want me to break it down, here as some solid reasons for why you should start up your own video marketing strategy (sooner rather than later!).

Stronger Emotional Connections

Video is the best way to suck someone into your world and really see your potential. Instead of seeing just a brand, they get to see you for who you are. They can engage with you via comments through a live stream.

Sure, they might not buy from you just because you give a passionate video, but these strong emotional connections are nothing to sniff at. You know what these stronger emotional connections lead to? That’s next…

Higher Retention Rates

65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video. No one can say that about text-based content. So not only are you getting people to watch your video most of the way through, you keep them around for longer. They become invested in who you are. Do you know what happens when you are able to actively keep someone’s interest? Well, funny you should ask because…

Increased Conversions

This has to be the number one reason for why you should use video marketing. A recent study shows that video conversion rates outperform other marketing content.

Video marketing does things other fields of marketing simply can’t compete with. You’ll get improved SEO (a video on your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result bye 53 times!), you can provide a higher quality campaign to customers without going broke (remember when video marketing was completely inaccessible?) and you will get better email click-throughs.

Why work your butt to exhaustion without reaping the rewards? Video marketing is working smart, not hard. Your hard work will drive more results, which will increase the chances of your audience reading and engaging more with you, which will yield more sales.

Think about it this way: We can’t grow someone’s attention; we can only grab it.

What better way to grab someone’s attention than through direct engagement?

Grab your audience’s attention. Steal it from someone else.

Be exciting, be informative – and you’ll be surprised how intense the ripple effect will be.

Because no advertising works better than genuine customer testimonials. And I’m not talking about the ones on your website. I’m talking about the ones where your customers are so in love with you, your brand and your product that they are engaging, commenting and SHARING your content for free!

Still not sure? Well, if you’re not building your empire, you’re tearing it down and video marketing is where empire-building is at. Click here to watch a video about it – and then get your OWN video marketing strategy going!