Working Hard but Getting Nowhere

A lot of people live in a world where they’re not happy or they’re not happy with the work that they’re doing. After being stuck for so long, sometimes they get a great idea to work incredibly hard at something to overcome being stuck. But sometimes, no matter how hard they work, it feels like all they’re doing is grinding gears. How come they’re working so hard and getting nowhere? Are you in a similar situation?

There is a four step system that you need to employ in order to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Where most people start is at the halfway mark where they work really, really hard, but they’re missing the two previous steps. In order to change your reality, you first have to change the way you think. So if you think of yourself as a failure or that no one will listen to you, or that no one cares, or that you know you have had a hard life and so on, you will reinforce this into your reality.

The truth is, we’ve all gone through difficult things, but we’ve also had lots of joyful moments in our lives. What matters is how we frame our lasting memories. We need to focus on the positive and we need to focus on the present. For example, you may have a goal of losing weight. Instead of telling yourself, “I am going to lose weight” tell yourself “I am losing weight”. Even if you don’t lose a significant amount of weight every day, putting your goal into the present reminds your brain to keep working on your goal.

Reframing your thoughts won’t be an easy task for everyone. For some, their brains will shut down because it’s trying to protect you from fear, rejection and judgment.  If you’ve had a negative, protective brain for a long time, it will be quite a battle to overcome and reframe your thoughts, but you have to keep fighting it because once you start thinking the thoughts as if you were at your end goal, those beliefs will actualise. Because at the end of the day, beliefs are simply thoughts habitually thought.

Things that you think about habitually build new pathways in your brain and those become beliefs. Only once you have built positive beliefs in your mind can you start to effectively work hard. This is why I said earlier, those who work hard and get nowhere have often forgotten these incredibly important steps of reframing positive thoughts and turning them into beliefs. Only then does your brain kick into high gear and start operating in a way that will lead to consistent success.

This is why I’ve moved into high performance coaching because I know a lot about marketing. I know a lot about the hard work part, but where I saw people fail and where I wanted to get a certification to be able to help people is in the two first steps. The thinking and the believing and then once we get past that we’re able to look at how I can turn their dreams into reality? And that’s where all of my other expertise comes in, in terms of how to build businesses, how to attract clients, how to do your marketing, selling conversion, email marketing, and all this stuff that I have been doing over the past decade.

If you want information about my high performance coaching, if you are in that stage of working your butt off but you’re not getting anywhere, please do message me. I can send you a link for a free high performance coaching call. We’ll go over where you’re at, where you want to get to, and where you might be stuck. The call is absolutely 100% free and you don’t need to sign up for anything. Just contact me because I want to get you unstuck. I want to show you that there’s a new way of thinking. It’s actually the name of my book that’s coming out in the Fall called Think Again.

You can sign up for a free copy on my website. All right, so remember the steps. Think to believe, believe to act, and then acting will create your new reality. If you want to get to someplace new, if you want to be happier, if you want to have more energy, you want to have more success in life, in business, and with your community and with your family, then you owe it to yourself to at least think about what I’ve said and maybe change some of the ways that you operate.